Veiðimaðr Sjá Fólcvíg

Any good roaming Fleet should be rolling with a Scout… Scouting, or “+1ing” for the types of roaming Skirmish Fleets that we fly is most definetley a learned art.

A good Scout has a hefty grasp on situational awareness and is seeing multiple things the moment he jumps into a system and he is relaying that infomation on to the FC in a calm, clear and succinct manner. In just a few seconds a good Scout has briefed the FC on how many neutrals are in local, what’s on grid, what’s on long range scan, is there is a station in system, are there Anoms close where the scanned neutrals could be, etc…

How does one learn to be a good Scout? The good old-fashioned way of course – through experience – over at Agony Unleashed there is a great guide/write up on scouting for a Skirmish Fleet and this paragraph sums it up nicely:

A skirmishing scout acts as the Fleet Commander’s extra set of eyes in the next system in addition to catching targets for the gang. Such scout should be proficient with use of the ship scanner and able to find and warp to the target within 30 to 45 seconds of entering the system. The only way to reach this level, is to practice, practice, and practice some more until skirmishing and scouting become second nature to you. Taking on scouting duty for the gang as often as you can is the only way of becoming a fast and effective scout and skirmisher.

In addition to getting myself some experience in the Fleet Commander roll I’m hoping to use the Clusterfuck Roams to get some Alliance mates some experience in the Scout role.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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