Venja… venja… venja II

For the next while training is focused on rounding out some of my skills. The plan is to get some of those longer skills to train up to at least Level 4 and some of the shorter skills to train to Level 5, so lots of 9 and 10 day trains with a few 3 day trains in there plus a couple 20+ day trains. The queue is set for the next 150’ish days which takes us into January of next year. After that I’ll take a closer look at the skills I need for a Dreadnaught.


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Yfir-maðr Reiða

By the time this post goes live Shriven Intaki will be finished maxing out all the skills in the Corporation Management tree. You can verify his Corporation Management Skills on eveboard –

I put up a page on this blog to use as an ad, click on the quote below to check it out, and will start posting his services up on the EVE Online Forums in the Sell Orders section.

“Only he who has no use for the empire is fit to be entrusted with it.” ~ Guangzhou


There are a few others doing the same thing hopefully I can get in on a piece of the Corporation Management market, do it promptly with some trust and professionalism, help some folk out and maybe make a little ISK.

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Brott Húð

If you want to start a heated discussion just toss the phrase “AFK Cloaky Camper” around on the EVE Forums or reddit or in your own Corp Chat and you will get a litany of responses. There is a recent post on reddit ‘Discussion: How to make Cloaky Camping an active (less AFKish) activity?’ that has has 258 comments and counting.

I lean towards the camp that feels that there should be some sort of counter to AFK Cloaky Camping although with that said I don’t think it should be something that is available for every system an Alliance holds or is something that is easily attainable/sustainable.

Back in March of last year CCP released the Back Into the Structure Dev Blog in which they introduced their ideas for the new structure system and one of the new structure roles they discussed was Observatory Arrays…



From that Dev Blog:

Observatory arrays

Dedicated to intelligence gathering.

  • Service module possibilities: Being able to increase, decrease or block Star Map filters in the solar systems they’re deployed, act as solar system wide D-scan blockers, disrupt ship intelligence in the solar system, take over player tracking capabilities from NPC agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users. We are considering basing their effectiveness through a network coverage (like cell phones) so that a single one may not be that useful, but maintaining a bunch of them in space could give a significant advantage.
  • Rigs possibilities: anything affecting the duration or effectiveness of what’s mentioned above.


This phrase stood out to me ~ “We are considering basing their effectiveness through a network coverage (like cell phones) so that a single one may not be that useful, but maintaining a bunch of them in space could give a significant advantage.” ~ and I had a thought; If the number of Observatory Arrays that can be anchored in a System are strictly bound by that System’s Strategic Index and overall Activity Defense Multiplier then this could be a way to apportion their usage.

Something like requiring a System to have at least Strategic Index Level 1 for the anchoring of the first Observatory Array and then allow one additional Array for each level of ADM up to a maximum of six. If you want the Arrays to be purposed towards the ship intelligence or D-scan blockers then the fitting and rigs of each can maybe be deviating with more powerful ship intelligence/D-scan blocking if you fit multiple Observatory Arrays in the same manner. But for Observatory Arrays to have an ability as powerful as the pinpointing of cloak users I think requiring multiple Observatory Arrays (maybe even all six) to be fit and rigged similarly would be the way to go.

Admittedly I’m no game Dev and these are just some of my random thoughts… there is lots that CCP can do with the new structures, I just hope they get it right!


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Dýr Undirmaðr

“Pet”… it’s an adjective (or maybe it’s a noun?) that I’ve seen tossed around quite often in EVE Online and there are a number of older blog posts about pets:

But I’ve not read anything recently about pets and I’m curious about what defines a Corporation/Alliance as a pet versus getting defined as a friend/ally in the current political structure of New Eden? Is it strictly the size of the entity or how much ISK they’ve got in their wallet or how efficient their killboard stats are or some other combination of factors that I’m missing entirely?

I’ve lost track of the number of times Feign Disorder has been referred to as a pet and not a pet to just one specific Alliance but we’re apparently the pet of a half-dozen different Alliances?!?

Now I am just a lowly line member and am not privy to the political goings-on within Feign Disorder but .FRAG has been with FEIGN for nine plus months and I can honestly say that from my perspective I do not see us having any ‘pet’ like relationships with anyone. Again this is just my view of things but in my eyes our Leadership definitely lean more toward the friend/ally/frenemy type of relationships with the other entities in New Eden.

Here’s to your frenemies!

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Ný-kominn Malm-hrið

There’s a storm approaching Scalding Pass and it’s name is “Vanguard”…


The Vanguard Coalition has returned home to Insmother and has started to unleash their combat forces towards Scalding Pass in what we believe is an effort to turn it into renter space and we, The Heathens (apparently we’ve been designated a Coalition name!), mean to dissuade them as best we can.

Vanguard does outnumber us almost 10 to 1 so we will see how things play out over the next few weeks. We do tend to do fairly well fighting outnumbered but regardless of the final outcome I’m sure there will be some good fights in the coming weeks and that is what we are all about!

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Marglóð Ráða

Akita T originally posted a list of the ‘Golden Rules’ of EVE with “EVE GOLDEN RULES : a mandatory newcomer read” way back when on on the old forums which have been ‘updated’ recently by CCP Phantom with his “8 Golden Rules for EVE Online” post.

Below is a copy and paste of CCP Phantom’s version…

Be able to afford a loss

* Never fly something (or with something in the cargo) you can’t afford to lose. Yes, not even in highsec. Meaning that you should not fly a ship you cannot afford to replace and refit.

Consent to PvP

* You consent to PvP when you click “undock”.
* You are not safe in 1.0 security space. CONCORD is there to punish, not to protect. Get used to the idea.
* In most cases, the only way to be 100% safe from aggression inside the game is to be docked in a station. Being cloaked in a secret safespot could work too.

Everyone can scam – and so can you

* Never grant corporation rights to stuff you can’t afford to lose either. No exceptions.
* People offering free stuff? Probably traps. Be cautious.
* Free stuff usually isn’t. Not even minerals you mine yourself.
* If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Paranoia pays off here. Double-check everything.
* Scamming and unethical behavior some would consider griefing is not only allowed, it is encouraged and rewarded by the game mechanics.
* Harassment or real-life threats are not ok, and you can get a shiny ban for them. Learn the difference.

Experience matters, not ISK or Skills

* Just because some character is just a few minutes old doesn’t mean he’s a newbie. Many people have alts. The reverse is also possible, people come back after very long breaks, and characters are sold. You could see year-old newbies around too.
* Skills that take less than 1 day to train are short skills. Over one week is long.
* You’re in this game for the long haul. Don’t expect to do something meaningful in the grand scheme of things in the first day of your first trial account ever.
* All other things being equal (experience, skills), superior numbers more often win a fight rather than superior ship value. However, things are hardly ever equal.
* Total skillpoints count doesn’t matter much either, it’s level of relevant skills to the current situation that does. Yes, that does mean a 2 mil SP combat-oriented newbie could badly beat up a 60 mil SP industry-oriented veteran.

Bigger is not always better

* More expensive stuff is not always better stuff.
* Slightly better stuff usually costs many times more than slightly worse stuff. Choose wisely.
* Tech-2 is usually cheaper and better, but harder to fit. Sometimes it’s not better. Other times it’s not cheaper. And occasionally, neither cheaper nor better.
* There are no “solopwnmobiles” in EVE. Everything you can fly blows up if it’s shot hard enough.
* With enough skills and experience, ship size really doesn’t matter all that much.

Use the in-game info

* Show Info and Variants->Compare are your best friends. Use it on all stuff you can.
* Always check your ship insurance before you undock. If it’s a T2 ship however… not that important.

Unfair circumstances?

* There is no such thing as “a fair fight” or “an unfair fight”. There’s only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant.
* Just because you can fly something doesn’t mean you should.

You will lose stuff, don’t worry!

* If you PvP long enough, you will lose your ship. It’s only a matter of where and when.
* If you logoff in space without a PvP timer, you’re only safe after 1 minutes… and then only until you log back in. If you logoff with a PvP timer, it’s at least 15 minutes. Bottom line, once a fight started, don’t logoff. You’ll only die anyway.
* Somebody, somewhere has better skills than you, more experience than you, is smarter than you, has more friends than you and can stay online longer than you. Just pray he’s not out to get you.
* If you lose stuff, it’s almost always your fault. Really, only yours.


It’s good stuff, my only addendum/edit would be to change You consent to PvP when you click “undock” to You consent to PvP when you click “Login” ~ no where in EVE is ‘safe’ even if you never undock you can still get PvP’d by Trading Toons or Scammers, etc


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Mikill Kjóll Lágr-dýr Dráp

I know that there are folks that do it – rat in Supercarriers – but I’d think that most would consider Carrier Ratting the ‘endgame’ of Null-Sec PvE. I do own a Carrier, although my skills are just barely there to fly one, and I’ve done a fair bit of research into Carrier Ratting in preparation of giving it a go at some point (once I grow a pair) so thought I’d share what I’ve found for those of you in the same situation.

It’s a bit of a mystery just how much you can make as I’ve seen people quote numbers ranging from 35mil up to 90/100mil per tick. A lot of pilots are saying they are getting around or near 50mil per tick though so I would assume that’s pretty accurate. In my mind you can put it down to five broad factors that will dictate how much ISK you’re making:

  • Your Skill Levels
  • Which Carrier you’re flying
  • What Fit you’re using
  • What Anomalies you’re running
  • How often you get interrupted

If you’re a max-skilled pilot flying a blingy Nidhoggur in a quiet fully upgraded system with a low true security rating then you could be one of those 90mil per tick fellas but if you’re a low skilled pilot flying a T1 fit Archon in a busier system with a not great security rating you are most assuredly not making that much.

As far as which Carrier is best to use for Ratting the consensus runs as so:

[Best] Nidhoggur > Thanatos > Chimera > Archon [Worst]

The Nidhoggur seems to be the King of Carrier PvE because it gets both a damage bonus as well as speed bonus to its fighters plus it’s most often run with a shield tank so it’s Low slots can be used to fit DDAs instead of armor tank modules.

Fitting your PvE Carrier is pretty straight forward, you want a Networked Sensor Array and multiple Fighter Support Units in the High slots (you may want to reserve one High slot for a Cyno if you are Ratting in a more active System). In the Mid slots you want some Drone Nav Computers and/or Omni Directional Tracking Links and you’ll fill your Low slots with three to four Drone Damage Amplifiers and maybe a Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer. The rest of you module slots will be up to your specific Carrier hull and what kind of tank you’re fitting. Your Rig choices are all you, some pilots are all about the Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers for that Warp Speed, others want more tank and there are some that boast the benefits of the Drone Speed Augmentor.

The next big question is which Anomalies should you be running and there are really only three that I’ve seen mentioned:

  • Forsaken Hubs
  • Havens (Rock Haven)
  • Sanctums (Ring Sanctum)

There is a trick for Havens to determine if the one you’re going to is a Rock Haven or not. You initiate warp to the Haven, then cancel warp (ctrl+space), if it’s a Rock Haven it will give you a popup about a gate. If it doesn’t give you a popup you can ignore the site and move on to the next one. I don’t believe there is any trick for determining Sanctum types but if you’ve got one available using a cloaky Scout would be a good option.

Running sites seems to be pretty straight forward as well with pretty much everyone giving the same sequence:

  1. Warp to the site at range and while there is some debate about what that range is, some say 50km others say 100km, all agree that you warp in at range
  2. Immediately start aligning to your out location, ie; Safe Spot, POS, Citadel, Station, you don’t have to worry about drifting out of range Carriers have extremely long lock ranges (4000+km)
  3. Launch all fighters, cycle the NSA (I’d recommend turning off Auto Repeat and just cycle once for each spawn, will save you some Cap) and target everything
  4. Start killing the Rats starting with the Frigates working your way up to the Battleships. With the latest changes to Carriers you shoot the Frigates with the guns and use the missiles to shoot Battleships and the NPC Capitals if they spawn
  5. When you’re a couple of Rats away from clearing the site start aligning to your next one

Some ‘Extra Advice’ for when you take up Carrier Ratting:

  • Have a support network, get on comms and be in the Standing Fleet. If you’re not on comms and ratting solo you deserve to lose your ship!
  • If you are Cyno fit make sure you have the LO in your cargo hold.
  • ALWAYS be aligned to your Safe/Station or that next anom!
  • Carriers are a big investment, don’t take chances with Neutrals. If you get a Neut in system warp to your Safe spot and then after you land recall your Fighters. Fighters can be recalled from anywhere in system you don’t have to be on grid with them.

Good luck with your ticks!

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Fjúka Hœttr!




I realize it is backwards but after working through the comparison with the Jump Freighters (Knörr Hlaupa / Knörr Hlaupa II) I thought I’d take a look at each of the standard Freighters and see how they are effected by the different modules they can be fitted with.

Much like the JFs there are only a few basic groups of modules that you would fit on a Freighter and they are also most often fit in sets of (3):

  • Inertial Stabilizers (help with align time)
  • Cargohold Expanders (add cargo space)
  • Reinforced Bulkheads (add tank)
  • Nanofiber Structures (help with align time and speed but you do lose tank) ***

*** I’m taking a look at the numbers for the Nanofibers because I saw some Freighter losses on with them fitted. I personally wouldn’t advocate the use of Nanos on a Freighter, I’d recommend the use of the Inertials. Other than a “That’s all I have” I can’t see any scenario where the lose of tank and additional speed you get from the Nanos makes sense over the use of a full set of Inertial Stabilizers – maybe someone can enlighten me though? ***

Here are all the numbers (based on all V’s)

Expanded Cargohold II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 1,204,741 179,995 58 m/s 42.1
Fenrir 1,127,015 178,863 78 m/s 36
Obelisk 1,139,970 191,903 63 m/s 41.2
Providence 1,127,015 187,601 68 m/s 39.5
ORE Expanded Cargohold Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 1,247,763 188,015 73 m/s 41.1
Fenrir 1,167,262 185,589 97 m/s 36
Obelisk 1,180,679 203,287 79 m/s 41.2
Providence 1,167,262 197,949 85 m/s 39.5
Reinforced Bulkheads II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 409,763 396,386 94 m/s 47.5
Fenrir 383,327 360,352 125 m/s 40.5
Obelisk 387,733 499,040 102 m/s 46.5
Providence 383,327 466,816 109 m/s 44.5
ORE Reinforced Bulkheads Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 482,777 410159 94 m/s 46.3
Fenrir 451,630 371904 125 m/s 39.6
Obelisk 456,821 518589 102 m/s 45.4
Providence 451,630 484588 109 m/s 43.5
Inertial Stabilizers II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 581,250 258,574 94 m/s 24.7
Fenrir 543,750 244,768 125 m/s 21.1
Obelisk 550,000 303,436 102 m/s 24.1
Providence 543,750 288,994 109 m/s 23.1
Nanofiber Internal Structure II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 581,250 188,015 117 m/s 27.9
Fenrir 543,750 185,589 156 m/s 23.8
Obelisk 550,000 203,287 127 m/s 27.3
Providence 543,750 197,949 137 m/s 26.1

The use of the ‘ORE’ Faction modules comes down to your bankroll, if you can afford them I think they are worth it. For all of the Freighters the ORE Expanded Cargoholds give you approximately 40k m³ of additional Cargo Capacity, you don’t lose as much tank or speed and your align time is a bit faster vs the T2 Expanders. With the ORE Reinforced Bulkheads you don’t lose as much Cargo Capacity, you gain a nice chunk of tank above what the T2 Bulkheads give you and your align time is faster.

I did look at the Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizers numbers and across the board there was about a 1 second faster align time, so much like their use on a JF I’m not sure the bonus is enough to warrant the cost and would recommend sticking with the T2 modules.

Hope these numbers have been useful for you!

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Fjúka Hœttr!


Ríki Leikr

The season of tournaments is upon us. In September we have EVE Down Under Collides! in October we’ve got Alliance Tournament XIV then on November 6th we see the start of the EVE_NT Championship. Feign Disorder is participating in the AT this year and are looking at the EVE NT Championship as well but unfortunately I’m not participating with them as I just don’t have the time right now to make all the practices (and I definitely need the practice!).

Maybe next year things will be a little less busy and I can get more involved with the tournament play…

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Fjúka Hœttr!



It will be awhile but after I finish leveling up a bunch of ‘random’ skills my longer term, hopefully by year end, plan will be to skill fully into a Dreadnought, I’ve got some of the base skills now but to be truly effective in one I’ve got a long ways to go. With how my skills are geared I’ll obviously be flying a Naglfar and I’ve started the process of acquiring one.


And by acquiring I mean building – along the same lines as my Chimera Project – I’ve already picked up a Naglfar BPC pack and will take it slow and steady and just build pieces as I can as there is no rush.

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