Framast Njósn Garðr

While pondering on Citadel proliferation and working through the idea that every system should have a set number of Upwell structure points and set location beacons an idea came to me for a small sized Upwell structure. CCP is yet to introduce or even speak of any small sized Upwell structures but the citizens of New Eden have already started speculation on what they may be and what they may do. Most of the conjecture is folks thinking the small structures will be replacements for jump bridges which is something that needs to be addressed but my thought was for something a little different.

But first, just to keep it fresh, below is what my Upwell structure point system would look like:

“Again this is very basically thought out but maybe a system gets so many Upwell structure points for each moon, planet and asteroid belt it has and each size of Upwell structure costs a specific number of points as well?

Just for an example lets give 1 point for each celestial, so Perimeter would have 23 Upwell structure points, and then XLG structures cost 10 points, LRG structures cost 5 points and MED structures cost 3 points – this leaves some room for the SML Upwell structure that would cost 1 point.

Using that point structure would limit Perimeter to having a maximum of 7 medium Upwell structures or 2 extra-large and 1 medium or 4 large and 1 medium, etc…”

Putting some extra thought into it I’d change that so that the SML Upwell structures cost no points to anchor which would allow folks to anchor as many of them as they wish in any system. IIRC small structures already include deployables like Mobile Tractor Units, Mobile Depots, etc… so the zero point anchor cost would hold in line with how things are currently working.

My idea for a small structure is the Upwell Forward Operating Base. The idea would be that the Upwell FOB would be used by anyone looking to put a foothold into a system or for someone looking for a small base to operate out of.

Here are some basic thoughts on the Upwell FOB:

  • Can be anchored anywhere, does not need to be placed near celestial beacons, but does follow the current Upwell anchoring mechanics
  • The Upwell FOB is not a ‘station’ and does not have a docking bay but will have fitting slots and modules that allow it to provide services like tethering & repairing, a mobile depot style of cargo capacity & refitting service, maybe even modules that works like scan or cynosural inhibitors
  • The Upwell FOB will have a dedicated fuel bay and the service modules will require fuel, I’d think a fuel bay with a capacity to run it for 30’ish days depending on the modules installed would be sufficient and fair
  • Taking it a little further maybe an Upwell FOB could be the necessary structure to anchor with whatever thing replaces jump bridges, it could be one of the service module options

I am of the thought that there should be a fueling requirement for all Upwell structures and with that a dedicated fuel bay that would require one of the Structure Management skills to load so that not just any Alpha toon can load it up.

The fuel bay capacity and how long that fuel will power the structure could be dependent on the size of the structure and which modules it has installed but some primary numbers could look like this:

  • SML – approx 30 days worth of fuel capacity
  • MED – approx 60 days worth of fuel capacity
  • LRG –  approx 90 days worth of fuel capacity
  • XLG – approx 120 days worth of fuel capacity

I’m not super familiar with POS fuel requirements or usage but I’m sure CCP could mirror something similar for the Upwell structures?


Just some off the cuff stuff, what do you think?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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