Mikill Kjóll Hugr II

Capital Ships are getting ‘reworked’ and this ‘reworking’ is supposed to be released in the Spring… but what does that actually mean for us Capsuleers?

I’m not sure as there isn’t much solid information on the subject. There are a few posts from CCP on the matter and I’ve been checking on them pretty regularly.

I’ve recently skilled into Carriers and am currently working towards JDC V. I’ve got some Drone/Fighter skills lined up after that but then my skill direction gets a little blurry so I reached out to my Alliance mates for some guidance and asked them what their thoughts on beneficial ‘Capital’ sized module skills to train towards for the ‘reworked’ Carriers would be and they came through with some good stuff:

  • For carriers you will want to train for both shield and armor tanks, as refitting to armor when your shields go down can and probably will be a thing.
  • Capital Neuts/NOS are going to be a big deal, as are whatever Ewar modules they decide to add, though there isn’t much info on this subject.
  • Capital Propulsion modules will also be potentially very interesting.
  • Finally, there are going to be three categories of fighters, Light, Support, and Heavy. No idea if they will require additional skills, but it stands to reason that existing Fighter skills will apply to Light Fighters, existing Fighter Bomber skills will apply to Heavy Fighters, and potentially a skill that doesn’t yet exist will apply to Support(Ewar) Fighters, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the skills that allow Ewar Drones end up being prerequisites.

This guidance gave me a lot of choices for direction and skills to work towards and my queue is now set for the next few months which is super as the big home move is coming up in a couple of days. Thankfully we have found a new home and it’s pretty awesome but we don’t get in until March (possibly mid-February if the current tenants move out early) so we’ll be staying with my Wife’s parents for a few weeks and I’m not too sure how my internet connection will be while we’re there?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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