Gøra Ríki

There is a lot of speculation happening in regards to what people are calling “FozzieSov” and “N+1”. There have been a number of good posts and reddit threads on the subject…

I don’t have the experience with or any intimate knowledge of SOV to add much to these discussions but would assume that until the new mechanics are actually released we’ll not truly know just how they are going to be utilized and whether the “N+1” meta will be affected by them.

From what I have read I’d say that what it comes down to is ‘want’ – if a larger Alliance truly wants a specific System, Constellation, etc… they will take it and actively work to keep it. While I believe that smaller Alliances will be able to harass the SOV of those larger Alliances in those wanted Systems I don’t think that they will be able to effectively hold any System if that larger Alliance truly wants it.

I do think that SOV holders will have to consolidate their territory to effectively defend it though. Even the 1000+ member Alliances will have to limit the number of Systems/Constellations they hold SOV over, they will have a finite number of pilots available at any given time and they will not be able to defend an over abundance of SOV with how the new mechanics are proposed to work.

With all that said – there will be SOV to take for the smaller Alliances, albeit likely the much less wanted Systems that aren’t super desirable. Although with the talk of new structures and SOV enhancements maybe those less desirable Systems can be boosted from those smaller entities occupying and building in them.

Here’s to the speculation!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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