Landaleitan Ørendi

Well… some ships are now sitting in the hangar of the Alliances’ FOB but I didn’t spend much time there this weekend. What time I did spend in New Eden was productive in other ways. Spent one evening helping one of the newer Corp mates grind some SOE standing to work towards getting him into Jump Clones and we did good work, he’s almost there. Also spent a fair amount of time running Cosmic Anomalies and doing some High-Sec exploration. Ran sites mainly in Angel and Sansha space but late this weekend I ventured into a Serpentis Region and was struck with a new goal – run the Serpentis sites until I score a Daredevil and/or Vigilant BPC.

We’ll see how long this takes?!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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