Systir Eva

Put some time in working for the Sisters of EVE last night. My brother and I both have access to the Level 4 Security Agent in Lanngisi, Kiljavas Yaskasen, so we were doubling up on the missions and ripped through a fair number of them.

We weren’t really ‘Blitzing’ the missions as we do enjoy the extra ISK from the bounties but with two Battleship sized hulls on grid we burned through the missions pretty quickly.

Our goal for the evening was to earn 30,000 Loyalty Points, which is what you need to buy an Astero Blueprint Copy (1 run) from the SOE Loyalty Point Store. There is decent profit to be made from selling the Astero after you make it, and you can even make a little extra if you’ve got all the necessary manufacturing requirements on hand.

I normally like to reship into my Noctis after a couple of missions and head back out to loot and salvage my wrecks but we had an objective in mind last night and just grinded our way to it. Next time we do something like this I may look into employing one of the professional looting and salvaging Corporations like Pro Synergy to clean up our messes.

Has anyone had any dealings with one of these looting/salvaging Corps?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


2 thoughts on “Systir Eva

  1. I have. Pro Synergy is a legit salvaging corp. I have missioned in Lanngisi, Osmon and Dodixie area and put my mission wreck bookmarks on contract to PS. Each office pays out weekly, so you get the 45% all in one big payday. I can personally vouch for PS.


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