Ný-kominn Leika

Only got on for a bit last night but had some fun exploring the Phoebe changes and checking out the area …

  • Loaded up my Training Queue with a few months of skills.
  • Hit a couple of Data and Relic sites to see what was new in them and found a few items I’d not seen before – enjoying the adjusted volumes of the loot, can carry a lot more of the more commonly found stuff.
  • Noticed quite a few new Neutrals in the neighborhood with some new Alliance names in the mix. Phoebe Freeport Republic and Gatekeepers Universe being two of the more prevalent ones.
  • Didn’t see one Cyno lit up during my time, albeit short, logged in. Which made me a little sad as I was looking for some easy kills – these could be few and far between now?

Will hopefully get on for a bit longer tonight and see if I can’t join some of my Alliance mates in some fun. Or since our Wardec with The Pursuit of Happiness came to an end while I was away maybe I can get back into some SOE mission grinding?

We’ll see what the night brings!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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