Framast Iðn Bú

As a fun little part-time pastime a few of us have been hitting Pirate Faction Forward Operating Bases in High-Sec.

We usually roll in a three to five person fleet. Our base fleet is three Dominix which is the minimum we need to hit a Blood Raider FOB, we’ve haven’t really messed around with the Guristas FOBs.

If we get a fourth pilot our first choice for an added boat is to get some support from an Eos and then if we get a fifth we’ll normally add another Dominix but we are looking at possibly changing that fifth added boat to a Leshak to see if it would up our clear time.

We run with heavily armored RR Domis fitted with MJDs for the escape. The Microjump Drive is mandatory should you want to disengage from the fight at any time or at the end, once the FOB has been destroyed, because the ♦ NPC ships do not disengage right away.

  1. Our FOB destruction tactics are pretty simple
  2. We make sure we’ve got everyone on our Watchlist
  3. We warp the fleet at 0 on the FOB
  4. Target all our Fleet mates and get our Cap Chain set up
  5. One of us drops a can and we all set up orbits at differing ranges on it so that we keep well within rep range of each other
  6. While doing the above we’re also targeting the FOB, launching and engaging our drones on it
  7. We focus all our DPS on the NPC Structure and ignore any of the ♦ (diamond) Rats

The ♦ Rats are decidedly nasty and depending on which spawn we get things can get pretty hairy. The Rats switch targets frequently and it can be a fairly demanding fleet with trying to keep up on reps. Team cohesion is paramount, if someone is not paying attention things can go South very quickly.

Even just for one the rewards are decent, we’re seeing a DED payout of just over 26mil a piece for the FOB kill, plus whatever (possibly none) Standup module loot the FOB drops. If you can find a few FOBs close to one another and string some kills together the ISK is actually pretty solid for High-Sec plus the FOBs also have a chance of dropping an Armored Standup Module Cache which contains a Faction Standup Module BPC and they are currently selling for a good amount.

If you have any questions about hitting the BR FOBs rip me a message in-game and I can try to toss some of our experiences your way.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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