Gøra Stór-virki

Things are currently in a bit of a flux with our crew and we have begun to explore options and work through some decision making. Being in this type of flux state normally means a little less activity for most folks but I’m not the type that can’t find something to do to entertain themselves in-game. My most recent in-game entertainment has been ripping through the Pirate Faction Epic Arcs.

There are two Pirate Arcs, one for the Angel Cartel and the other is for the Guristas Pirates. I ran the Angel Arc, Angel Sound, first and then the Gurista Arc, Smash and Grab, a day or two later and got through both fairly quickly. All the main missions for both are run out in NPC Null-sec so there is some risk involved but the solid rewards make the risk worthwhile.

There are good mission ISK rewards of 5 to 10 million ISK per mission, both Pirate Arcs will reward you with one Pirate Faction EWAR Module mid-way through the Arc and then one Pirate Faction Cruiser BPC at the end of the Arc and after finishing the Arc you will also receive a big boost to your Pirate Faction standing.

Angel Sound rewards:

  • Domination Target Painter
  • Cynabal BPC (6 ME/6 TE)
  • 30% increase to base Angel Cartel Faction standing

Smash and Grab rewards:

  • Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer
  • Gila BPC (6 ME/6 TE)
  • 30% increase to base Guristas Pirates Faction standing


They were good fun and I’ll definitely run them again down the road.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!



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