Sváss Drykkr III

New Eden is just over a month into Aegis Sovereignty and so far we (The CORVOS) have managed to hold on to our Null-Sec home and a few neighboring systems. My experiences with the new Sov-Warfare mechanics have been… fun’ish.

If you want to have and hold SOV then you are going to have to use and defend that space and if you can get your indices up then the entosis trolls are much less likely to mess around with your space. But… if you’re a smaller Alliance with multiple systems then getting indices up across multiple systems is not that simple or easy and opens those lower level systems up to those damn entosis trolls.

We’ve had a few instances of SOV-trolling come up and while getting the Fleets together to defend/entosis our space back isn’t too difficult it is a grind and not a super fun one. In my opinion attacking someones SOV should be something that takes a commitment – you shouldn’t be able to do the drive-by entosis in a frigate (or any ship for that matter) and mess things all up – if you are going to attack an Alliances’ Sovereignty you should be held to that commitment and not be able to run off easily.

I’m sure CCP is looking at how Aegis SOV is affecting game-play and I’m sure there will be some tweaks made at some point so I’ll just sit back, fleet up when necessary and wait to see how things all play out.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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