Kaupstefna Forvitni

I am by no means a ‘Trading Professional‘ but I have begun to dabble a little with it. My primary motive behind getting into trading is to supply our Alliance with some decently priced goods out in our Null-Sec home and make a little ISK in the process (definitely don’t want to gouge our crew but I do want to make a profit).

There are a few steps that go into trading for a living and I think one of the first steps would be to identify what is needed and for me the obvious go to is our doctrine ships and the modules and ammo to fit those ships. The next step is buying the goods low in a Trade Hub which is easy’ish but then it gets a little more complicated with the logistics of getting the goods transported… I’m not a JF pilot and don’t have an Alt that can pilot one so I am dependent on my Corp/Alliance mates to transport my goods for me and they are super about it – I get everything I want to get transported to a staging system, and make a non-rushed courier contract which includes some ISK to cover fuel costs and then wait for the stuff to arrive.

Once I get the goods to the destination I’ve been doing a little of both – selling goods on the Market and making Alliance Contracts for fully fit ships – and this is working well, I’m coming out ahead on the ISK front.

I don’t put a ton of time towards Trading so I’m not expecting to become a Tycoon any time soon but the little extra ISK is nice and it does feel good to contribute in some small way to keeping the Alliance supported.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!