Huglausi Fólcvíg

We’ve got another Wardec upon us, this time from The Marmite Collective, they are a fairly efficient group of High-Sec Mercs that primarily operate near the Trade Hubs. Unfortunately for them FEIGN doesn’t spend much time in High-Sec so it’s highly likely that this one won’t last too long, unless they’ve been hired to Wardec us then it’ll last as long as the contract is in place.

I guess we’ll see but regardless there are some super simple rules to follow while under a Wardec that make them really easy to deal with:

  1. Stop going to High-Sec, this isn’t hard at all.
  2. Use out of alliance alts for your High-Sec needs.  No really stop going to High-Sec.
  3. If you absolutely have to go to High-Sec avoid Trade Hubs and pipe systems.
  4. If you absolutely have to go to High-Sec use an Interceptor or Covops.
  5. If you mission or mine or haul in High-Sec while at War, then you have failed at all 4 rules above and will likely lose your ship.

So pretty much life as normal for most of us in FEIGN.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!