Floti Bjóða – Clusterfuck Roam I

With Fifth on board running as a Scout I FC’d my first Fleet last night. Took a few of the crew out for a Null-Sec roam in T1 Frigate, mainly Tristans and Breachers, we did have support from a Sabre and an Ares.

I was pleased with my confidence overall, I felt that I conveyed orders in a clear and decisive manner, kept the fleet maneuvering together and other than a few moments of direction decision hesitation I felt like the Fleet ran quite smoothly… and most importantly we didn’t lose anyone!

We did manage to get a few kills. Caught a Vexor Navy Issue coming through a gate, while scouting Fifth got attacked by a Manticore just after jumping into a system and we took advantage of his aggression timer and then on the way home we took out an ESS just because.

Am looking forward to getting another Fleet out soon, will stick with the small, cheap ships for now though – losing them isn’t such a big deal.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!