Gruna Veiðr

I had to make a trip to High-Sec last night to pick up some Skill Books and run a few ‘errands’. After the clone jump, picking up the Skill Books, running all the errands and evading all the Marmites I didn’t have much else to do and had a while to wait for my next clone jump so decided to jump into a Rapier and see if I couldn’t track down a Suspect or two.

Suspects are not hard to come by in the systems around Hek and it wasn’t long before I found my Suspect – Vedion Belvar – and he made it fairly easy to find him as his Thrasher was named “Vedion Belvar’s Thrasher”. Once I got him scanned down I warped in at range, uncloaked, locked him up, pointed, double webbed and then rekt.

A little bit of fun before it was time for bed.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!