Enn Mjǫk Vætki

Posts are coming few and far between at the moment and it looks like that’s the way it’ll be for the next little while. It’s not that I’m not getting on and getting some time in New Eden – I am, have been roaming and ratting and bait mining and exploring like mad – it’s just that RL outside of that is busy.

It looks like we may have found a new place to call home but if we get the place we want we won’t be able to move in until March which means we’ll be transients at my wife’s’ parents place for a month which while not ideal will be worth it for the place we want to live in.

We will have to work out how and where we’re going to set up my PC in the in-laws place as I do need to be able to remote into work as well as play EVE during that month without a ‘home’.

Here’s to another busy couple of months!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!