Gríma Naðr

Well… it took a couple of days of grinding but I managed to reach that 10,000 point Bronze Level reward for the Shadow of the Serpent event. When I opened the Redeemable Copper Ouroboros I got some decent loot – a Copper Ouroboros Accelerator, a couple of Serpentis Jackets and an Atron Skin. The only sites that had drops were the Serpentis Shipyard and Research Facility sites and I did manage to accumulate a number of the Serpentis Modified Capital Microprocessors as well as a few of the Asklepian Implants but I’m still not really sure how I’m feeling about the event.

The loot I got was not a terrible haul but again I’m not sure if the time that was put in is worth the rewards? I won’t likely attempt to grind towards the next level of reward considering it would be approximately all that time already spent plus another half to get that additional 15,000 points but I may run a few more of the Shipyard and Research Facility sites and see if I can’t get a full set of the Asklepian Implants?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!