I’m currently training towards Minmatar Cruiser V and with that in mind I’ve been looking at all T2 Cruiser hulls seeing what looks interesting to fly. These are the six Minmatar T2 Cruiser hulls:

I’ll be able to get into five of those six right after training up Minmatar Cruiser V. The Scimitar will take awhile longer, I’m not sure my Signature Analysis and/or Long Range Targeting skills are quite up to snuff for it. To field the Rapier as I’d like to fly her, as a Black-Ops Scout, will also take some extra training but in the meantime I will be able to fit her out for small shield gang fleets which should be a ton of fun. The Vagabond, Broadsword and Huginn excite me and I’m looking forward to sitting in them.

Of the five I can get into quickly the only one that doesn’t excite me much is the Muninn – I’ve not seen much on the hull in any of the blogs or forums I’ve read and I can’t honestly remember seeing one in game at any point. Does anyone out there fly one? How do you fit it out? What do you use it for?


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Fjúka Hœttr!