Drackarn over at Sand, Cider and Spaceships wrote up a solid guide on overheating –  Overheating in Eve Online. A Quick Guide – I’ve messed around with overheating a bit and while I’ve not got Thermodynamics V quite yet I do have it at Level IV and with some of my 1v1 Rifter stuff overheating has been a key tactic and the driver of the outcome in the fights.

I really appreciate the list at the bottom of Drackarn’s guide, it’s just the kind of checklist that I need to practice going through during my PvP engagements:

  • Get enemy on short-range scan.
  • Check armour repper already pre-overheated (but not active).
  • Guns pre-overheated.
  • Is the ship on scan a potential kiter? Navy Slicer, Condor etc? If so overheat scram and web.
  • If its not a kiter, activate prop mod on ready to burn at them (could land 3k away max) / If its a potential kiter, prop mod off but pre-overheated.
  • Enemy lands. Scram, web, burn at them.
  • When within 1km activated preheated guns.
  • If scram and web overheated, turn off overheat. (Sir! We have them!)
  • Deactivate prop mod (which obviously also disables overheat if I used it).
  • When guns are around 75% damaged stop overheat.
  • When low shield alarm goes off, stand-by on armour repper. When entering armour activate pre-overheated repper.
  • Check my tank verse targets tank. Are they breaking? Do my guns need to be overheated some more (risky now)?
  • Keep eye on repper heat damage (should be OK for many cycles).
  • Am I going to win, lose or is it too close to call?
  • Win? – OK, keep doing what I’m doing. If they try to GTFO overheat AB to keep up.
  • Lose? – Time to try and GTFO. Overheat AB and align out hoping extra speed will get me out of their point range so I can warp away.
  • Could go either way? – Keep overheating, watching damage bars and cross fingers! Balls deep man! Balls deep!

I still need to put a lot of work into getting to know the ship types but there are lots of resources out there for that – one list I’ve found that is super helpful is the EVE University Wiki page Ship type quick reference. It’s an alphabetical ship listing of all the player flyable ships showing their Race, Class, Tank type, DPS type, Drones bandwidth and bay Size and some miscellaneous notes on ships that have any special bonuses or roles.


Thanks for the guide Drackarn!


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Fjúka Hœttr!