Urðr Skrúð

Some times you run across actions/things in EVE that are utterly puzzling…

We are presently under a few Wardecs so my time in High-sec is usually spent in a cloaky ship or if I’m traveling long distances I’ll use a fast aligning boat and not spend any amount of time on gates or station un-docks.

Over the weekend I spent some time hanging out in the Ani Constellation, camping belts, looking for MTUs to shoot or camp, etc.

I was in Lanngisi camping a MTU when I first saw PunkRAwk get a Suspect Flag and thought maybe he was hitting MTU’s or possibly looting someone’s mission. I crossed my fingers hoping that he was hitting MTU’s and just sat in my perch and waited but the time passed and he lost his Suspect Flag. But just a few minutes later he went Suspect again so this time I pinged a few mates and mere seconds later there was two of us Combat Scanning trying to find him and find him we did.

And this is where the puzzling part comes in, he was within 4 au of the station Suspect in his Pod with his Velator wreck not too far away and he was just sitting there. It’s likely that he had an aggression timer and could not dock up but to just sit there and not warp around makes no sense to me?

My mate warped in and got a point on his Pod and then I came in and took it out, and what a Pod it was! The fact that he was a Bad Intention pilot makes it all that much more satisfying.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!