Banahǫgg Spá – 2015-01-16 | 05:57

Overview, Goals and Objectives:

  • Made another trip to the Novice Outpost in Resbroko.
  • It must be the time that I get on in the evenings as local numbers seem to be holding around eight to ten at that time of day. It’s busier earlier in the day and on weekends but I’ve found that it’s just a crap shoot as to whether you’ll find someone in the Outpost or not, local numbers don’t seem to matter.
  • Normal routine, enter the system, warp to within 100km of the Outpost, making a safe on the way in.
  • Checked D-scan on the way and saw an Incursus, he wasn’t on grid when I landed so assumed he was in the Outpost.
  • I warped back to my safe and did a pre-fight check.
  • The Incursus was not named after it’s pilot so I wasn’t able to do any research on my opponent but was able to do a little research on his ship.
  • Yelled “Banzai!” and went for it.

Analysis of outcomes:

  • A base Incursus is almost as fast as a Rifter but it gets a bonus to Small Hybrid Turret damage and it’s Armor Repairer amount versus the Rifter’s bonuses to Small Projectile Turret damage and falloff.
  • My goal and best chance to beat him was to get close, stay close, attempt to out DPS and tank his DPS as well as I could.
  • Plato Forko was the Incursus pilot, he was 4km to 5km away from my entry point with a negative security status so I didn’t waste anytime waiting for him to engage.
  • Hit approach to close distance, targeted, and activated everything… except my frickin’ propmod?!?!?!
  • We both got web and scram and initially I was applying some solid damage to him but having missed my propmod he started getting some range on me.
  • By the time I noticed and finally activated and overheated my AB it was too late, he had gotten out of my optimal and into better range for his Railguns and was able to keep me there .
  • Even overheated my AB speed just wasn’t enough to close the distance again.
  • We had a good fight, both of us cycling our armor reps which made it last but my damage application was too low and my Capacitor eventually ran out and after a bit he wore down my armor, got me into structure and finally BOOM!

Conclusion/Summary and Post Action Thoughts:

  • I messed up with my propmod again – there’s a chance I could have won that fight if I had been able to keep him close.
  • That being said Plato is a 2009 toon and in looking at his Employment History he appears to have been active that whole time so his skills are likely on a wholly different level then mine.
  • Propmod!
  • Propmod!!
  • Propmod!!!
  • Damn it!!!!


“gf” Plato – enjoyed that one!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!