I realize it is backwards but after working through the comparison with the Jump Freighters (Knörr Hlaupa / Knörr Hlaupa II) I thought I’d take a look at each of the standard Freighters and see how they are effected by the different modules they can be fitted with.

Much like the JFs there are only a few basic groups of modules that you would fit on a Freighter and they are also most often fit in sets of (3):

  • Inertial Stabilizers (help with align time)
  • Cargohold Expanders (add cargo space)
  • Reinforced Bulkheads (add tank)
  • Nanofiber Structures (help with align time and speed but you do lose tank) ***

*** I’m taking a look at the numbers for the Nanofibers because I saw some Freighter losses on with them fitted. I personally wouldn’t advocate the use of Nanos on a Freighter, I’d recommend the use of the Inertials. Other than a “That’s all I have” I can’t see any scenario where the lose of tank and additional speed you get from the Nanos makes sense over the use of a full set of Inertial Stabilizers – maybe someone can enlighten me though? ***

Here are all the numbers (based on all V’s)

Expanded Cargohold II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 1,204,741 179,995 58 m/s 42.1
Fenrir 1,127,015 178,863 78 m/s 36
Obelisk 1,139,970 191,903 63 m/s 41.2
Providence 1,127,015 187,601 68 m/s 39.5
ORE Expanded Cargohold Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 1,247,763 188,015 73 m/s 41.1
Fenrir 1,167,262 185,589 97 m/s 36
Obelisk 1,180,679 203,287 79 m/s 41.2
Providence 1,167,262 197,949 85 m/s 39.5
Reinforced Bulkheads II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 409,763 396,386 94 m/s 47.5
Fenrir 383,327 360,352 125 m/s 40.5
Obelisk 387,733 499,040 102 m/s 46.5
Providence 383,327 466,816 109 m/s 44.5
ORE Reinforced Bulkheads Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 482,777 410159 94 m/s 46.3
Fenrir 451,630 371904 125 m/s 39.6
Obelisk 456,821 518589 102 m/s 45.4
Providence 451,630 484588 109 m/s 43.5
Inertial Stabilizers II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 581,250 258,574 94 m/s 24.7
Fenrir 543,750 244,768 125 m/s 21.1
Obelisk 550,000 303,436 102 m/s 24.1
Providence 543,750 288,994 109 m/s 23.1
Nanofiber Internal Structure II Cargo Capacity m³ EHP Speed Align Time
Charon 581,250 188,015 117 m/s 27.9
Fenrir 543,750 185,589 156 m/s 23.8
Obelisk 550,000 203,287 127 m/s 27.3
Providence 543,750 197,949 137 m/s 26.1

The use of the ‘ORE’ Faction modules comes down to your bankroll, if you can afford them I think they are worth it. For all of the Freighters the ORE Expanded Cargoholds give you approximately 40k m³ of additional Cargo Capacity, you don’t lose as much tank or speed and your align time is a bit faster vs the T2 Expanders. With the ORE Reinforced Bulkheads you don’t lose as much Cargo Capacity, you gain a nice chunk of tank above what the T2 Bulkheads give you and your align time is faster.

I did look at the Shadow Serpentis Inertial Stabilizers numbers and across the board there was about a 1 second faster align time, so much like their use on a JF I’m not sure the bonus is enough to warrant the cost and would recommend sticking with the T2 modules.

Hope these numbers have been useful for you!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!