Øruggr Laun

What is OpSec?


OpSec (Operational Security) is the act of keeping information, fleet movements, doctrines, planned operations, etc… concealed to prevent the enemy from getting your location, fleet composition, battle plans, etc…

In practice, this means compartmentalizing information – most pilots don’t need to know the overarching battle plan, they really only need to know a limited amount of the details – where to form up and what to be flying. In reality this can be a frustrating practice for some pilots, people like to know ‘stuff’, but the idea behind compartmentalizing information is to minimize the chance of your operation, fleet comp and plans getting leaked.

For the average pilot, OpSec means not talking about fleets, not using local chat, not talking about doctrines on forums or trying to “show how important they are” by revealing classified information, and not talking about the goals of operations anywhere where spies could observer.

Keeping OpSec is easier said than done – there are just too many eyes, ears and voices in EVE to keep anything 100% secret but it sure is fun to try.

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