Ráða – Operation Glita Reiði

I was out searching for some stray MTU’s last night and a thought occurred to me ~ “Why not set up one as bait?” ~ I’m sure I’m not the first Capsuleer to come up with this idea but maybe I’ll be the first to blog about it?

The plan is pretty simple. I’m going to get a MTU, grab some of the odd and ends loot that I’ve squirreled away to put in it and place it out in space then sit and wait. I think in a higher traffic system like Hek or one of the nearby systems where Level 4 Missions are regularly run this tactic will work well.

As you can cargo scan MTU’s adding a shiny Faction or Storyline module to really spice up the bait may be an option as well but that will depend on whether I’ve got any mates on board to assist with Operation Glita Reiði.


So fair warning… if you see a MTU belonging to me in Hek or one of the nearby system and decided to shoot it – it may be a trap and there may be abrupt repercussions.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!