Kann Skúta Rata

After running a couple of combat sites the other night, and not getting any good loot, the idea of a roam was tossed out into the Alliance and Corporate Chat Channels and just a few minutes later there was five of us un-docking and starting to burn towards our first destination. Our Kitchen Sink Fleet consisted of a Kitsune, a Merlin, a Manticore, me in Banahǫgg Spá Mk.N and one Sabre.

We roamed far and wide but didn’t have any luck with finding an engagement so started burning back towards home. It took a bit of coaxing but on the way home we did finally find a fight in NWX-LI with some The Serenity Initiative pilots.

It’s funny how the scout and intel chains/channels work in EVE, we had roamed quite a bit so apparently ‘word’ got out that we were around but that ‘word’ was truly mixed up. Our Merlin pilot had to leave so just four of us jumped into NWX-LI. There were a few ships on D-scan so we investigated a couple of the belts and combat sites, which turned out to be empty, then all got on station and watched a couple of SERIN pilots play station games and go on about how they know we’ve got our Stealth Bomber fleet waiting in the wings… huh???

After some swaying the SERIN pilots did agree to meet us at a belt in system. We got on grid first and started pulling range away from the belt and after a few minutes the SERIN Fleet arrived. They came with three Caracals and a Vexor which seemed like a little overkill against our Fleet. We were being FC’d by Fifth and he tried to separate one of the Caracals off but the SERIN pilots were being pretty disciplined. Eventually we were able to get one separated for a few seconds but we didn’t’ have the DPS to break his tank quick enough and had to let him go and pull range again. This cat and mouse game went on for a few minutes then one of the SERIN pilots warped off, reshipped, and came back in a suicide tackle Kestrel.

Unfortunately for the Kestrel pilot Fifth predicted where he would warp back into the belt and we were there to greet him. We got his Kestrel and Pod and with those called it a night, bailed out of system and burned home.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!