Vándr Nauðsyn

I’ve been joining in on a number of Fleet Ops lately and most of them have been geared towards SOV-Warfare and/or POS Defense and while I enjoy helping out and being a member of the Fleet I must admit that the actual Ops are usually pretty boring… orbit and shoot the big structure. Between Territorial Claim Units, Sovereignty Blockade Units, Infrastructure Hubs and Conquerable Stations/Outposts there is a crap ton of Hitpoints to grind down over the course of a few days \o/

The actual mechanics of Sovereignty are rather simple; the entity which possesses an online Territorial Claim Unit in a system has Sovereignty over that system but understanding the nuances of SOV-Warfare are another thing all together – there are a number of good resources to look at for this info:

I did get into something a little different on our last Op and acted as a Scout in an adjacent System providing the Fleet intel on incoming Neutral Pilots, which was both a little boring and exiting in short spurts – I did Scout a Fleet of ships coming in belonging to The Camel Empire and was able to get that intel to our FC who then got our Fleet to safety. One bonus of being a Scout is that it gave me some time to learn more about the different Ship types in EVE, never a bad thing.

In other news, we’ve been Wardec’ed again… so I’m back to avoiding High-Sec and the SOE mission grind is off. Instead I’ve been concentrating pretty heavily on some exploration and jumping into anything I think I can handle, whether that be a Relic Site, Data Site, DED Complex or Wormhole, which I’ve taken to jumping into any that I find just to poke around. I found my first C6 last night and being the curious fella I am jumped in and started scanning down all the Cosmic Signatures and found four of these – Unsecured Core Emergence – those look particularly nasty!

One thing I’ve noticed during my exploration roams is that Relic/Data sites in Drone space are very rare. Had another ‘first’ last night scanning down an Abandoned Research Complex DG003, got a little excited thinking I might find a Drone BPC but no joy, did find some Rogue Drone Components. Not super exciting but I scooped them up and added them to the expanding hoard of exploration loot I’ve got stashed away, sure they’ll come in handy some day.


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Fjúka Hœttr!