Flaugun Svanr

My current short term skill goal is to get my Light Missles and Missle Launcher Operation skills to Level 5 and then train a few levels of Light Missle Specialization which should take up the next couple of weeks.

After that it’ll be time for a neural remapping to enhance my Memory and Perception attributes and train up some Drone skills. My Drones skills are fairly anemic at this point and need some serious attention put towards them for me to be able to deploy drones in any effective way.

The goal will be to get, at minimum, Light Drone Operation to Level V, a few of the drone support skills to Level IV and all of the Racial Drone Specialization skills to at least Level III.

The progression will look something like this:

  • Light Drone Operation IV
  • Light Drone Operation V
  • Amarr Drone Specialization I
  • Caldari Drone Specialization I
  • Gallente Drone Specialization I
  • Amarr Drone Specialization II
  • Caldari Drone Specialization II
  • Gallente Drone Specialization II
  • Drone Durability III
  • Drone Interfacing III
  • Advanced Drone Avionics III
  • Minmatar Drone Specialization III
  • Drone Navigation IV
  • Drone Sharpshooting IV
  • Amarr Drone Specialization III
  • Caldari Drone Specialization III
  • Gallente Drone Specialization III
  • Drone Durability IV
  • Drone Interfacing IV
  • Advanced Drone Avionics IV


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Fjúka Hœttr!