Geta Um Kaupstefna

With the Alpha Clones hitting this November I’m sure many are looking at ways to make some ISK with the influx of new players we will (hopefully!) see. I believe one of the more effective ways to make some ISK with the introduction of the Alpha Clones will be with some thoughtful market speculation.

I think we will see a slight increase in the price of all of items that an Alpha Clone can use which I conceive in three broad categories:

  • Hulls – The ‘popular’ T1 Frigate, Destroyer and Cruiser hulls
  • Modules – All of the ‘Meta’ Modules will increase in price
  • Drones – ‘Integrated’ and ‘Faction’ drones will see a price hike

How do you get in on this? Carefully… if you’ve got an Indy Alt, get him producing 10/20 BPCs for the popular T1 hulls and prepare for the eventual increased buying rate of them. If you’re into Ratting start hoarding all the ‘Meta’ Modules that drop. For the Drones you’ve got two options, farm some LP and buy the Faction Drones or explore out in the Drone Regions and look for the Integrated BPCs.

I’m doing all of the above!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!