“War is both timeless and ever changing. While the basic nature of war is constant, the means and methods we use evolve continuously” ~ Fleet Marine Force Manual

As a NCO in the USMC the MCDP1 Manual “Warfighting” was required reading (Warfighting Cliff Notes for those interested). I was going over the MCDP1 the other night and found myself reflecting on a couple of passages that seemed to fit well with the style of warfare that I believe will work in New Eden.

Maneuver Warfare

Maneuver warfare is a way of thinking in and about war that should shape our every action. It is a state of mind born of a bold will, intellect, initiative, and ruthless opportunism. It is a state of mind bent on shattering the enemy morally and physically by paralyzing and confounding him, by avoiding his strength, by quickly and aggressively exploiting his vulnerabilities, and by striking him in the way that will hurt him most. In short, maneuver warfare is a philosophy for generating the greatest decisive effect against the enemy at the least possible cost to ourselves — a philosophy for “fighting smart.”

– Combined Arms

Combined arms is the full integration of arms so that the enemy is placed in a dilemma. In order to counter one arm, he becomes vulnerable to another. We give the enemy a no-win situation. Combined arms is accomplished through tactics at lower levels and through task organization at higher levels. Each weapon is used so that it complements another. Through this method we exploit the strengths of each individual weapon. Mobility and maneuver are key weapons in combined arms.


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