Banahǫgg Spá – 2015-01-05 | 04:43 & 04:45

Operation Banahǫgg Spá After Action Report
2015-01-05 | 04:43 & 04:45


Overview, Goals and Objectives:

  • For a few days in a row each time I’ve visited Resbroko there has not been an Amarr Novice Outpost in System but it was up last night.
  • After entering the system I made my way to my off grid perch within D-scan range of the Outpost and took a look.
  • The system was even less busy than the last time I got a fight here, maybe 5-10 in local but there was two ships on D-Scan at the Outpost – a Rifter and a Slasher – ideal!

Analysis of outcomes:

  • I went for it, warped to zero on the Outpost and activated the gate immediately upon coming out of warp.
  • Webster Zeus was sitting off the gate in his Slasher so that meant the Rifter was waiting for me inside.
  • Came out of warp into the Outpost and there was Lily Egivand in the Rifter, who looked to be salvaging wrecks?
  • I fired up my prop mod, hit approach and started targeting. As soon as I got into range I triggered everything – Warp Scram, Stasis Webifier, AutoCannons, Rocket Launcher – and got a tight orbit.
  • Lily got in some shots, had me down to about 50% shield, but his Rifter was not fit very well and went down hard.
  • Right after Lily’s Rifter blew in came Mr.Zeus. I was a little worried about getting into optimal on his Slasher as they are pretty quick but the range was excellent when he came in and once I got the Scram and Web on him it was fully under control.
  • Webster went right after me and with my shield already haven taken a beating got me into armor quickly but I’ve got this Rifter armor tanked with a Small Armor Repairer II for backup so was not too worried.
  • In the end my DPS was too much for him and his Slasher and it crumpled.

Conclusion/Summary and Post Action Thoughts:

  • I looted the wrecks and then warped back to my perch to rep up my armor and let my shields recharge.
  • GF’s were thrown up in local while I was waiting out the armor rep and shield recharge.
  • I am pleased with the engagements.
  • My Rifter survived two decent 1v1 fights and I got some good practice out of the experience.
  • While I was waiting out my repairs two more ships showed up on D-scan, a Caldari Navy Hookbill and a Kestrel, both missle/rocket boats.
  • Neither are super match-ups for the Rifter but they are do-able if I could get close, stay close, overheat the guns and not orbit… but after my two ‘wins’ I wanted to end my visit to Resbroko on a high so headed back to Hek.


Thanks for the fun Resbroko pilots – see you again soon!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!