Knörr Hlaupa

For Null-Sec Alliances having Jump Freighters is a must. I’d think the average Alliance JF pilot sticks with Jump Drive Calibration (JDC) 5, Jump Fuel Conservation (JFC) 4 and Jump Freighter (JF) 4.

JF 5 and JFC 5 are longer trains (to get both JF 5 and JFC 5 it would be 80+ days of training) and not totally necessary while having the longer train JDC 5 is pretty much mandatory for that extra jump range.

I’ve been messing around with some comparison stuff for Jump Freighters mostly to see how Level 5 of JFC and JF affect the fuel costs. Using the Dotlan Jump Planner I tossed in a route from Jita to M-MD3B for each JF and let it default the jumps how it liked, it went Jita to Fuskunen to Unertek to M-MD3B which is obviously not an ideal route but for the comparison it’ll work.

Here’s what I came up with…

(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 356,240m3 and an align time of 27.2s)
JF & JDC (4/4) JF & JDC (5/4) JF & JDC (5/5)
Oxygen Isotopes Used
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 16,707 13,923 11,602
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 16,798 13,998 11,665
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 13,770 11,475 9,562
Total Fuel Consumption 47,275 39,396 32,829
Oxygen Isotopes Median Sell: $764.60
Total Fuel Cost: $36,146,465.00 $30,122,181.60 $25,101,053.40
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 349,763m3 and an align time of 26.1s)
JF & JDC (4/4) JF & JDC (5/4) JF & JDC (5/5)
Helium Isotopes Used
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 15,641 13,034 10,861
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 15,726 13,105 10,921
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 12,891 10,743 8,952
Total Fuel Consumption 44,258 36,882 30,734
Helium Isotopes Median Sell: $708.85
Total Fuel Cost: $31,372,283.30 $26,143,805.70 $21,785,795.90
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 341,991m3 and an align time of 23.7s)
JF & JDC (4/4) JF & JDC (5/4) JF & JDC (5/5)
Hydrogen Isotopes Used
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 14,574 12,145 10,121
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 14,654 12,211 10,176
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 12,012 10,010 8,342
Total Fuel Consumption 41,240 34,366 28,639
Hydrogen Isotopes Median Sell: $740.00
Total Fuel Cost: $30,517,600.00 $25,430,840.00 $21,192,860.00
(max cargo capacity w/T2 Expanders = 373,081m3 and an align time of 27.8s)
JF & JDC (4/4) JF & JDC (5/4) JF & JDC (5/5)
Nitrogen Isotopes Used
Jita to Fuskunen (9.875 ly) 17,774 14,811 12,343
Fuskunen to Unertek (9.928 ly) 17,870 14,892 12,410
Unertek to M-MD3B (8.139ly) 14,649 12,208 10,173
Total Fuel Consumption 50,293 41,911 34,926
Nitrogen Isotopes Median Sell: $906.94
Total Fuel Cost: $45,612,733.42 $38,010,762.34 $31,675,786.44

Lots of numbers there, here’s a summary…

Jump Freighter Comparison Summary
JF Max Cargo Capacity Align Time JF & JDC (4/4) JF & JDC (5/4) JF & JDC (5/5)
Anshar 356,240 27.2 $36,146,465.00 $30,122,181.60 $25,101,053.40
Ark 349,763 26.1 $31,372,283.30 $26,143,805.70 $21,785,795.90
Nomad 341,991 23.7 $30,517,600.00 $25,430,840.00 $21,192,860.00
Rhea 373,081 27.8 $45,612,733.42 $38,010,762.34 $31,675,786.44

For all the JFs there are significant savings to be had training up JF 5 and/or JFC 5, a Rhea pilot with JF 5 and JFC 5 would save $13,936,946.98 on that one way trip – that savings would most definitely add up over time!

Some other things of note:

  • The Rhea has the largest cargo capacity, cost the most to run and is a slug.
  • The Nomad has the smallest cargo capacity, cost the least to run and is by far the fastest.
  • The Ark is nearly as cost effective as the Nomad with a slightly larger cargo bay but isn’t that much faster than the Anshar or Rhea.
  • The Anshar shows some good savings with JF 5 and JFC 5 has the second largest cargo bay and is a meagerly faster slug than the Rhea.


Let me know if these numbers help you out in anyway.


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Fjúka Hœttr!


Venja… venja… venja

After our last move Corp Leadership asked members over a certain Skill Point limit to start looking at getting into their own Carrier to help out with those kinds of Operations. I am just above the SP limit they had specified and have steered my training towards getting into a Carrier. In the grand scheme of EVE it’s not a terribly long train but it will be at least a few months before I can even sit in a Carrier and then a couple more before it will be truly useful.

With the skills I already have this is the basics I’ll need to get me in to the pilot seat:

  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • Capital Ships I
  • Capital Ships II
  • Capital Ships III
  • Capital Ships IV
  • Drone Interfacing V
  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Jump Drive Calibration I
  • Jump Drive Calibration II
  • Jump Drive Calibration III
  • ‘Racial’ Carrier I

Of course to be on par for jumping with every one else I’ll need to get Jump Drive Calibration to V which is another 40+ day train, if I want to use some Fighters there’s a few more days,  and I’m pretty sure any Capital sized module I want to use will be some added time as well plus I’ll want to get the base ‘Racial’ Carrier skill to at least level III or IV – there are no short cuts – I’m going with the “So be it!” philosophy, just dig in set up the Skill Queue and forget about it for awhile.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!