Seint Byggva

Well I’m slowly getting myself established. Made a number of runs over the past couple of days from our staging System to the new home. I’ve been taking advantage of our Jump Bridges and running stuff gate by gate. The gate by gate runs can be a little unnerving as you just never know who you might run into but I’ve been really lucky so far and haven’t bumped into any bad guys.

I’ve still got a number of larger assets to get out, which will help with truly getting rooted, but for those I need the help of our JF crew so will just have to have some patience and wait it out – I’ve got them set up on Courier Contracts so they will get moved at some point.

The next step for us on a Corporation/Alliance level will be to stock our Market as it’s currently abysmal and some of the folk are trying to take advantage of that by really cranking up their prices. I’m all for making some ISK but a 400% mark-up above Jita price is just terrible!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!