Leita Eptir Við Sendi-ferð

One of the many reasons I love EVE Online and the New Eden universe is that it exemplifies what is meant by open world and sandbox gaming, you can do and be pretty much anything in this game.

As illustrated by this insane graphic:

Click to make BIG!

Thankfully I’m in an active group that likes to go out and get fights so there is not normally any lack of PvP ‘content’ and even on those times when there is I personally have no problems logging in and entertaining myself but I do prefer to have those great overarching epic goals set for myself, ie; build my own carrier from scratch, set up a self contained PI chain, fit out a capital only with modules I build or ‘find’, grind enough LP to get that implant set, etc…


I don’t currently have any ‘epic’ personal goals set but am putting some thought into what those could/should be, do you have any recommendations?

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Fjúka Hœttr!