Fólcvíg Ergjask

Fractured Glory joined the ranks of The CORVOS Alliance a few days ago just as their current Wardecs were ending, I think we had maybe 12 to 15 hours under two Wardecs but just as they were about to end our new Alliance got hit with a fresh one with Forsaken Asylum declaring War against us.

I did take a look back at the CR0WZ Wardec history on zKillboard and it looks like they don’t take too many stupid losses, although their recent war with Deadly Fingertips was not pretty and may be the reasoning behind our latest Wardec?

Wardecs are a definite hindrance to any High-sec activity and that really sucks as I had been having a lot of fun, and luck, with my latest obsession of rolling those High-sec Cosmic Anomalies. According to zKill Forsaken Asylum are pretty active in the Metropolis Region with Hek and Uttindar being #1 and #3 in their list of Top Systems for kills in the past week… guess it’s time to move out to some Low-sec/Null-sec activities for a bit and wait out this War.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!