Manna-boð or Vætki

Null-Sec roams can either be feast or famine and last night it was more on the famine side.

I was a little late getting on but did manage to catch up to the small Fleet that Fifth was taking out in my Wolf. We didn’t really have a destination or route in place, we roamed all over, our scout was checking the Star Map looking for any Systems that had pilots in them and looking at their Military and Industrial indices which dictated what we would be hitting when we got in System.

We were out for a few hours and in that time managed to catch one Cynabal. We hit WW-OVQ hard, all jumping in at the same time and dispersing to different Anomalies looking for any of the few Neutrals that were in System and Fifth just happened to get Scram on Zudalian’s Cynabal in one of the belts of all places. Once we each got out of warp to our sites we immediately turned around and warped to Fifth. As soon as we were all on grid the Cynabal went down quickly. GF’s were thrown out in local and we continued on our merry roaming way.

A few jumps later we hit RO-AIQ the same way. There was a bunch of Neutrals in System and a ton of ORE ships on D-scan so we each hit a different belt and crossed our fingers. Fifth was the closest to catching something, he saw the group of Mackinaws warping out to Safes as he was finishing his warp. We checked a few more belts trying to catch an unaware straggler but there was no joy so we decided to start burning towards home.

The thing I should mention at this point is that the QY2Y-N gate in RO-AIQ is heavily bubbled, there is 50-75km of bubbles surrounding the gate, and just as we were heading back to it we got a +1 in System. Again Fifth was the first to make contact this time though the match-up was not ideal, our new Neutral was Parasels piloting a Proteus, and when I landed on grid it was all but over for Fifth but I said “Banzai!” and went after him anyway.

In the Norse mythology Einherji are the fallen warriors who are brought by the Valkyries to the Halls of Valhalla who then eat, drink and prepare for Ragnarök. Well… in EVE Einherji are some nasty little buggers and they pretty much wrecked our entire fleet! There was a pilot in a Nyx out in System somewhere and via Parasels he unleashed his Einherji on us – them Fighters are brutal – the Wolf and I went down fast and I woke up in Hek.

At the end of the day the trade wasn’t terrible, a Wolf and Pod for a Cynabal, we had some good fun BS’ing as we roamed, and as has been said numerous times before… “This is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!