Floti Bjóða III

I’m getting much closer to feeling at least semi-confident about taking out a Fleet. It may seem like overkill but I’ve put some work into consolidating a bunch of information into a Fleet SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which while highly likely will be laughed at by any vets of the game will hopefully be of some use to any newer PvP Capsuleers. Honestly it’s mostly there for me, I tend to grasp things much better when I get them down on ‘paper’ and put the time in to explore, research and grind through the information – it helps me get my thoughts in order.

Regardless of their thoughts I’ll definitely be pointing anyone willing/brave enough to join a Fleet FC’ed by me to it before I undock with the intention being for it to give them at least some semblance of my expectations, outlook and mindset towards PvP Fleet Operations and FC’ing.

I’ll be naming my Fleets…

Clusterfuck Roams

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Fjúka Hœttr!


Floti Bjóða

There is a lot that goes into being a good FC in EVE and I’m soaking in all I can from the few good ones I’ve had the pleasure to fly with. FC’ing is something I’d like to tackle at some point so I’ve been putting in time looking at different FC guides, Fleet prep checklists, and stuff on target selection. I’ve got a long ways to go before I’ll be comfortable taking out a serious Fleet but I think I could handle a small T1 Frigate Fleet for some action. With my military background I’ll likely run a tighter Fleet than most do and have been preparing a Checklist of my own to go through.

FC Checklist

Check Insurance on the ships

Check Repair Status

Load Preferred Scripts

  • Sensor booster
  • Range
  • Resolution
  • Various EWAR
  • TD-SD Scripts

Load Ammo

  • Missiles
  • Gun charges
  • Probes


  • Status check of the Drone Bay, check Drones for Damage

Load Misc

  • Cap Boosters
  • Nanite paste

Check Intel Chat Channels

Check Starmap intel

  • General activity in your ops area
  • Jumps in 30 minutes
  • Pod kills 30 mins
  • Number of pilots

After undock, in-flight Fleet prep Check

  • Check Travel settings
  • Check Comms
  • Identify ships role/range
  • Set up Watch Lists: FC, scout, others
  • Check overview Default settings


I’m sure there’s other things that should be on there, it’s a work in progress and I’ll edit as I learn more and get some FC experience.

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Fjúka Hœttr!