Fara Bliða

I’ve been pretty fortunate with my time in EVE so far and have not come across many utterly senseless players. There is the occasional High-Sec ganker who will inundate Local Chat with his full-fledged role-playing and sometimes there are other Capsuleers who just like to fill the Chat Channel with a bunch of nonsensical garbage to feed their egos and pump themselves up – these types of guys are usually found in the more active systems around trade hubs are are easily dealt with using the ‘Block’ function.

I’m not one to chat with strangers and for the most part won’t engage in a conversation even if ‘called out’ in Local, like I was by a War Target the other day, but every so often you run across a mate or someone else familiar while traveling about and then it’s always nice to throw out a “o/” or stop for a brief chat. This happened a couple times the other night and both were good interactions, the first was with a mate that I’ve Fleeted with a few times and the other was a brief convo with another pilot that knows Fifth the the RL brother quite well.

I sure do enjoy those random encounters and the camaraderie of New Eden in the far out reaches of Null-Sec.


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!