Spent some more time last night in Hek trying to get in on some CONCORD kills but the parasites were being pretty sneaky and we didn’t get any joy but I did happen upon a Suspect Flagged looter, Salamander Firebloom. After he blew up I took a look at his Employment History and felt a little pang of guilt as he’s pretty new but it passed quickly – there are hard lessons to be learned in EVE.

Now there is only so much one can take of the chatter in Local in Hek – it gets pretty brainless and mind numbing after awhile and I needed a break so made my way back to the Low-Sec home and decided to head out in the Cheetah, scan down some Cosmic Signatures in the nearby Low-Sec systems and see if I could find some exploration sites or a Wormhole to check out or a Combat Site to jump into.

Found a number of Signatures in Offikatlin and started scanning them all down. Just after I started my scans another fella jumped in System with me, Saftsuze, who was in an Astero and he also put Probes out but I wasn’t too concerned about him as we were both cloaked up. I warped around cloaked to each Signature and Bookmarked them and while I was doing this Saftsuze left System so as I landed in the one Data Site in Offikatlin I figured I’d just clear it quickly…

Was working on my second can when Saftsuze reappeared in System and I only had a few nodes left to clear so started clicking furiously – apparently he had Bookmarked the sites as well and he appeared on Grid, pretty much right on top of me, as I was mid way through my furious clicking – just a few breaths later I was scrammed, webbed, taking damage and then BOOM!

I know better, but I was being greedy, this was my hard EVE lesson for the evening – what I should have done was cloaked up as soon as Saftsuze reappeared.

Oh well… fun was had, and this is EVE ~ Shipwrecks happen!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!