Leita ok Reiði

I’ve spent the last couple of nights hanging out in the Ani Constellation which is a Level 4 Sisters Of EVE Mission hub. I was out scanning to see if I could find any stray MTUs and noticed a bunch of areas with drones and no ships on scan so started concentrating on scanning them down and over the course of an hour or so had scooped a number of T2 drones into my hold and totally lucked out with a score of one abandoned Gecko!

While I was out mucking about a couple of Mates were missioning and noticed a few Suspect blinkies rolling around the Constellation. They were shooting MTUs and looting missions so we decided to try and scan them down and see if we could snag a kill or two.

Scan them down we did and a kill was snagged – Arty Mcfly – Lachesis – I almost solo’ed him, just needed a couple more seconds : )  Love those Mates, so much fun with them!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!