Byggja Liggja

I don’t think you are ever truly settled in New Eden’s Null-Sec space. I’d liken living in Null-Sec to an ongoing military deployment where you have a set out Area of Responsibility (AOR) and within that a main Area of Operation (AO) and some nearby Areas of Influence and Areas of Interest where you run your reconnaissance and/or intelligence gathering operations.


Currently I’d say we’re in the setting up our AO phase of deployment. We’re getting our logistics sorted, assets in place and pilots organized for future operations. It takes a bit to get all this stuff in order and I help as much as I can but really I’m pretty limited in my helpfulness – my main way to help for this move has been with cynos… I’ve been lighting cynos all over the place!

Here’s to getting ‘settled’ again and to getting the operations rolling in earnest!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!