Byggja í Logn

At the moment I’m not a fully capable contributor to our Alliance as I’ve not got my ratting or industrial assets brought out yet so am unable to take part in any of our indices building operations. It’s likely going to take another week or so before I will have all the assets I want/need in our new AOE. With out a Jump Freighter of my own I’m relying on our Corp JF crew to move the bulky things for me and don’t want to put any pressure on them as they are definitely pretty crushed right now with all the logistics stuff, their own and for many of the Corp that are ‘AFK’ due to RL stuff.

It’s not a big deal as there is always something to do, we’re in a fairly active area, we’ve got randoms passing through and small Fleets looking for targets and this spot is new to me so there are lots of fresh Systems of New Eden for me to explore.

I am looking forward to getting ‘settled’ once again but in the mean time I’ll keep myself busy!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!