Stela Grjótbjǫrg

It all started ‘innocently’ enough… I had a couple hours to kill so thought I’d try to find a MTU or two to blow up. I hit my normal systems around Lanngisi and found a couple but the owners were in system so they were off limits.

There is another area of Level 4 mission activity near Altrinur so I headed down that way and took a look. Got into Altrinur and saw a few on D-scan right away so started my scans and after pinpointing two of them went and took a look. The first was behind an acceleration gate and I could see a Raven on scan in the pocket – left that one alone but the other was a bit more intriuging.

The MTU was in a mission asteroid belt, there was one Mercenary Frigate, a neutral NPC Freighter and two Enormous Freight Containers on grid. I checked out the MTU and cans, a fella named angry abed owned them all and he was not in system. I uncloaked and started shooting the Frigate and while I was doing that the Mercenary blew up the Freighter. Once the grid was clear I took a look in each of the Enormous Containers and discovered that they were both pretty much full of ore, almost 500,000 m3, which came to a value of around 70 to 80 million ISK.

I don’t have any ships that would haul that much stuff in one go and I didn’t have the time to attempt to get it all with a smaller hauler, that would have likely taken 30 or more trips, but a couple of Corp mates suggested that I bring my own Enormous Containers and swap the ore into them and that is exactly what I did, after blowing up Mr.abed’s MTU.

I had a RL function to get to but I had just enough time to go grab a couple of containers, set them up next to angry abed’s containers and then move all his ore into my containers. I then moved off the cans, cloaked up and got a couple of Mates to Fleet me so they could come camp the cans in anticipation of angry abed coming back to get his ore and possibly catch him stealing it back from my cans.

The Mates let me know that angry did come back and it looked like he was puttering about the cans maybe thinking about taking my ill-gotten gains but an ill timed PC crash that de-cloaked one of the campers and the fact that I was still in System scared him off. When I got back home the boys helped me out with a Freighter and we emptied the containers and called it a night.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!