Garðr Víða

It has been a long while since I’ve posted… it’s not due to lack of time in New Eden or lack of time to write, it has purely been a lack of motivation to write about ‘everyday’ life in New Ede, ie; a lack of something  exciting/new to write about, but with the CSM Winter Summit kicking off today it felt like a good day to discuss citadel proliferation.

I truly believe that there has got to be some sort of limit placed on the number of Upwell structures allowed in any given system.

We’ve got three types of Upwell structures; Citadels, Engineering complexes and Refineries that are further broken down into:

Astrahus (medium)
Fortizar (large)
Keepstar (extra-large)

Engineering complexes
Raitaru (medium)
Azbel (large)
Sotiyo (extra-large)

Athanor (medium)
Tatara (large)

There are currently no limitations to where or how many Upwell structures can be anchored in a system and if you find yourself asking “What problems is this causing?” then you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere.

One very basically thought out solution is to bind the number of Upwell structures that can be anchored in any given system to the number of Celestials in that system, specifically planets, moons and asteroid Belts.

My suggestion would be to put beacons on planets and asteroids belts just like the moon mining beacons and further allow only Refineries to be anchored near the moon beacons and then Citadels and Engineering complexes can be anchored near the planet and asteroid beacons. And again like the moon beacons only one Upwell structure can be placed within range of any beacon.

Lets use Perimeter as an example –

According to that list Perimeter has the following Celestials:
• 1 Sun
• 5 Stargates
• 5 NPC Stations
• 10 Planets
• 10 Moons
• 3 Asteroid Belts

Using those numbers Perimeter would be limited to a maximum of 23 Upwell structures where as currently, according to Adam4EVE, Perimeter has 44 Upwell structures anchored within it’s borders.

Using this celestial beacon anchoring solution would cut the number of Upwell structures in Perimeter by almost half but in my opinion 23 structures still seems pretty excessive so maybe there has to be some sort of point system placed on top of the beacon system.

Again this is very basically thought out but maybe a system gets so many Upwell structure points for each moon, planet and asteroid belt it has and each size of Upwell structure costs a specific number of points as well?

Just for an example lets give 1 point for each celestial, so Perimeter would have 23 Upwell structure points, and then XLG structures cost 10 points, LRG structures cost 5 points and MED structures cost 3 points – this leaves some room for the SML Upwell structure that would cost 1 point.

Using that point structure would limit Perimeter to having a maximum of 7 medium Upwell structures or 2 extra-large and 1 medium or 4 large and 1 medium, etc…

Those numbers seem much more reasonable to me and would make the anchoring of any Upwell structure something that needs to be thought out and planned. I believe that putting some limitations like these would also be a good content generator for folks all across New Eden, there would be more battles over moons, battles to have your Market Citadel next to Jita and so on.

Putting some more thought into it I’d probably like to see some sort of incentive for SOV holders where they get a boost in Upwell points based on the ADMs of their systems.


What are your thoughts on citadel proliferation?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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