Kostr Menskr

Clone States are coming and with the introduction of Alpha Clones I’m looking to get in on the action and create another Alt so I sent myself a buddy link and have started a brand new toon on a 21-day Trial. In the Dev Blog they have stated that Alpha Clones will train skills at a reduced rate compared to Omegas so I figured I’d get one going now to get a head start while the field is level and all toons train at the same speed.

There may be some changes to it but I’ve got the current list of Alpha Clone skills and will get my new toon to train as many of those up as possible before the trial ends and then just wait out the rest of the time before November and get the queue going again once Clone States is live. With three toons per account at some point down the line I should have three maxed out Alpha Clone toons, one of each race except Amarr is likely the way I’ll go.

We’ll have to see how they limit Alpha Clone logins but hopefully they will allow just one to be logged in concurrently with any Omega Clone logins. I’m sure folks will find work arounds but hopefully we won’t see any huge abuse issues.



– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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