Ginnung Allvaldr

The Aegis Sovereignty System is not enjoyed by everyone but then it’s not meant to be – it was implemented to shake things up…

This is a comment on a reddit post from a day or two ago:
“Just want to let you know, and this comes straight from the top…it will get a lot worse if we are unshackled from the weight of sov. We do what we do because it should be painful to have as much as you have. The old goon meme used to be “Diplomacy OP” but Aegis made vast swaths of underutilized space uncomfortable, in hopes of balkanizing null. All FEIGN have done since Aegis is poke sov for fights from Curse, accidentally win some, and then literally give it away to anyone that asked with no strings attached, to populate space and make it more interesting for small entities. It got to the point where every time we saw a final freeport station timer that we were likely to win we started dropping “hey, who wants a free station in null-sec?” in random public channels because we already had too much. We are good for the game, just not your 20k blues game.”
Comment from discussion FEIGN l33t pvps INIT.


… and I believe it’s succeeding!


– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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