Byggva Ókræsi-legr

Now that some of the dust has settled after the initial announcement of Clone States and CCP’s follow up Dev Blog it feels like the majority of folk that play EVE are optimistic about what the F2P Alpha Clones will bring to New Eden while being wary about about the ways they could be used to take advantage of game play situations. The two biggest concerns, which I’m totally on-board with, are:

  1. The use of multiple Alpha Clone Alts.
  2. The use of Alpha Clone Alts for High-Sec harassment/Suicide Ganking.

I know I’ll be taking advantage of having an Alpha Clone Alt and will take the advantage as many times as I’m legally allowed. As for the Suicide Ganking there are decent arguments coming from both sides and it looks like, at least for the initial release, CCP is leaning towards allowing it and I can understand their thoughts, they don’t way to limit the game-play available to the F2P crowd, but I’m going to predict that a month or so after Alpha Clones get to New Eden, probably just after they’ve had time to fully skill into the Catalyst, CCP will limit the Alpha Clone Safeties to Yellow while in High-Sec which will disallow their use in Suicide Ganking but still allow them to cause some trouble in High-Sec.

We’ll see how this goes…
– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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