Vættfang Upphaf

I’m definitely not a super experienced FC but I do feel like I have a decent level of knowledge in regards to the grid war/battlefields of EVE and can hopefully pass on some basics about how to position your fleet on grid.

So lets get right to it…

There are exceptions of course, a ship scanned down in mid space is one example, but lets go with the assumption that the majority of engagements in EVE happen around a fixed spot, it’s incredibly rare to see or hear of a battle taking place out in open space. Some may not understand what I mean when I say a fixed spot, what I’m thinking of are Jump Gates, Stations, FW Beacons, POCOs, etc…

An important thing to keep in mind is that in most cases the fleet that lands on-grid and starts positioning first will have an initial advantage. This is why you commonly see fleets holding on either side of a Gate waiting on the other to jump through – neither fleet wants to give up their on-grid positioning advantage.

When you’re thinking of positioning you’ve got four basic groups to keep in mind:

  • DPS
  • Logi
  • EWar
  • Tackle

For the actual positioning you want your DPS group to be nearest the enemy fleet, the actual range will be totally dependent on your weapon systems and what you’re up against.

Your Logi group should position themselves on the far side away from the enemy fleet but within their optimal range, or just outside of it, to you.

Your EWar group can be with your Logi group or on the far side of them, most EWar boats have solidly long targetting ranges and good ranges for their flavor of Ewar.

Your Tackle group should be working independently away from your main fleet and there are numerous ‘jobs’ they could be performing; they could be trying to get behind the enemy fleet to get you a better position, off catching stragglers, grabbing pings for your fleet to escape to or use as bounces, scouting your escape route, etc…

Very basic thoughts on grid positioning but hopefully it paints a clear picture for any aspiring FC’s out there.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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