Næmnæe Ný-kominn

Was thinking about all the folks that will likely extend invites or start up new Corporations in anticipation of all the fresh New Eden’ers we’ll see when the Clone Grades go live and I’ve taken a look at the difference between the skills a brand new post Vanguard toon gets versus the proposed skills each maxed skilled Alpha Clone will have to get an idea of what it would take to build some sort of ‘Skill Book Welcome Package’. Not too surprisingly for each race it was very close… approximately 80,000,000 ISK to purchase all the Skill Books required for them to max out.

I’m going to go with the assumption that most Corporations will not invest 80,000,000 ISK into a brand new pilot but I’d bet they may be willing to invest in getting their new pilots skilled into the Destroyer and Cruiser sized hulls and into which ever weapon systems they can use.

If we use the Caldari Alpha Clone for an example they would need:

  • Caldari Cruiser
  • Caldari Destroyer
  • Heavy Assault Missiles
  • Heavy Missiles
  • Light Drone Operation
  • Light Missiles
  • Medium Hybrid Turret
  • Rockets

These eight Skill Books would cost less than 2,000,000 ISK, that’s not a bad investment to make in a new pilot and it’s one that would likely endear them to the Corporation that much more. You could even look at giving them a couple of inexpensive fitted ships to get rolling with – a couple of Frigates, one fitted for PvP and one fitted for PvE could not be overly expensive?

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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