Dýr Undirmaðr

“Pet”… it’s an adjective (or maybe it’s a noun?) that I’ve seen tossed around quite often in EVE Online and there are a number of older blog posts about pets:

But I’ve not read anything recently about pets and I’m curious about what defines a Corporation/Alliance as a pet versus getting defined as a friend/ally in the current political structure of New Eden? Is it strictly the size of the entity or how much ISK they’ve got in their wallet or how efficient their killboard stats are or some other combination of factors that I’m missing entirely?

I’ve lost track of the number of times Feign Disorder has been referred to as a pet and not a pet to just one specific Alliance but we’re apparently the pet of a half-dozen different Alliances?!?

Now I am just a lowly line member and am not privy to the political goings-on within Feign Disorder but .FRAG has been with FEIGN for nine plus months and I can honestly say that from my perspective I do not see us having any ‘pet’ like relationships with anyone. Again this is just my view of things but in my eyes our Leadership definitely lean more toward the friend/ally/frenemy type of relationships with the other entities in New Eden.

Here’s to your frenemies!

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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