Æva Mannvit

So last night I’m out cruising around in High-Sec giving the Shadow of the Serpent event a try in my Machariel. I’m sticking to low-traffic systems and am not having much issue with competition for the sites, even getting some courtesy with Capsuleers warping out of the site if they land in it after me. The Machariel is clearing the sites quickly and I’m having a bit of fun with the new PvE content but then reality hit and lessons were learned.

How did I die? A fella warped into the site right on top of me while I was smartbombing the Frigates and I got Concorded. How could I have avoided that dumb loss? I guess there are a few things I could have done differently – turning my safety on may have helped or if I had moved off the beacon he wouldn’t have landed on top of me – but the most important thing I learned from that loss is that using smartbombs in ‘public’ High-Sec PvE sites is just plain stupid – DON’T DO IT!

I’ll likely do a few more of the Shadow of the Serpent sites (sans smartbomb), maybe just enough to get that first level of reward, the Copper Ouroboros which requires 10,000 points. In all honesty while I do like the diversity of the challenges I’m not at all stoked on the points grind.

I took advantage of the daily Thrill of the Hunt reward, it was easy and quick to undock and blow up one rat, maybe a little to easy for the reward given, but this event is feeling a little too skewed towards the grind. I ran a few dozen sites last night, finished about a half dozen challenges and that took me at least two maybe closer to three hours and I think I was still below 2,000 points.

For me that is not enough reward for the time put in. It will be interesting to see how others react and how CCP adjusts their events to that reaction… hopefully they can find a solid balance of grind/reward/fun/content?

We’ll see.

– – –

Fjúka Hœttr!


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